Ha. Joke’s on you dummy.

I intend to use Medium selfishly, sporadically and without paying attention to how the platform works. I’ll post some terrible yet brilliant poetry and there will be at least one gonorrhea story.

Love, Fatova

I found this photo today- which I Photoshopped in a stupor I guess.This was one of the worst days I can remember. I was in pieces, heartbreak like a dull ache that throbs and giggles. Life is terrible in this place. I am the one in middle by the way

i’m in the middle — and i the middle of a nervous breakdown possibly

A long time back I met a 20 year old drunk attention whore at a party and she disclosed that she had been raped. Six or 7 minutes after the introduction she gives a rape cry so transparent it made me uncomfortable. ME! Being an attention whore myself and, at…

(Alter set for the Tenebrae)

I can’t read the Lent Roller series where the titles alone makes me feel so much better about my BDSM infused analysis of Caravaggio’s “Taking of Christ” because they have a cover charge here on Medium which I can’t pay. The humanity.

And I can’t pay because I am failing…

This is the “The Taking of Christ” (Dublin, 1602), a print of which I have on my wall for its commotion of light and color and chaos.

And it’s actually a miniature he painted, he gave it to me for keeping my mouth shut when the Cardinal was visiting. Also…

I was dating this guy who considered himself musically cultured. He told me very few people understand or appreciate his taste in music. What a relief.

He wanted to take me to an outdoor concert. I was thrilled, thinking it would be the Samuel Barber/Bela Bartok at Tanglewood. He took…

I couldn’t even venture to guess how many times I have seen the movie “Titanic”. But I can, with certainty, say that I’ve only seen the 2 hours leading up to the sinking twice. Why? Because the movie is just awful. It’s the sinking part that I love.

I am…


I have 5 followers now . Last year I only had five.

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